Wednesday, June 15, 2011


So the Holy Spirit is ridiculously awesome/amazing/incredible!

See, when it comes to the Holy Trinity, people can get confused and overwhelmed. I mean, the Holy Trinity cannot possibly be fully understood; it is a mystery of our Faith. Yet, it is so awesome to meditate on-the different persons of the Trinity, and how we can visualize them in different ways. Which I think is important to do, since each of them is a unique person. Random thought, but I really am not a fan of the song "Heart of Worship"--and one of the reasons why, is due to the line "It's all about you, it's all about you, Jesus." See, worship at its heart is directed to God. God is three persons. God is not only Jesus, but also the Holy Spirit and the Father as well. Jesus is the reflection of the Father, and the Holy Spirit comes from the love between them. So really, where worship is concerned, it is necessary to focus on all three persons.

But this post will not be a rant. At least, I hope not.

Let's get back to the Holy Spirit.

So this past weekend was Pentecost weekend. Which is the birthday of the Catholic Church, celebrating the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles. And I somehow found myself in Holy Trinity Catholic High School, on a TEC retreat weekend. Is God's timing outrageous? Yes.

Moving on......

You know how when your hand is on the wooden rail outside, or you are working with wood, you can get a sliver of wood stuck in your finger. And it is uncomfortable, but you can deal with it. Still, it's there. And you want to get it out. So what do you do? Well in my case, I soak my hand in water, until the sliver starts to come out, and I might pull it out to help it.

The Holy Spirit can do the same thing.

While not going into any details (because I feel strange sharing a very personal prayer experience on the world wide web), the Holy Spirit did the same thing to me: I had slivers, which I was not working to remove. So what did He do? The Holy Spirit soaked me in a bath of His graces, so that the slivers started coming out, then He pulled them out the rest of the way. And you know what? With the slivers out, I felt peace. True peace.

Just like in Kung Fu Panda 2, Po finds true peace at the end of the movie--he comes to grips with his struggles, his past-and he finds peace. The same thing happened to me, plus the bit about the Holy Spirit.

So what is the point of my rambling? I don't exactly know. I just felt like writing, getting my thoughts out. And I want to encourage all of you to give it ALL over to God. It is so easy to say "God, I give You everything"--but then keep a little teensy bitty sliver to yourself. Saying to yourself "Well, I gave everything to God--but out of pride, I'll keep this little sliver so that I can take control if needed." No. Not happening. Give it ALL to God. Yes, all-hopes, desires, dreams, struggles, failures, joys, sorrows, etc. Don't keep little slivers imbedded into your skin. But if you do find those splinters? Talk to the Holy Spirit, and ask Him to remove them.

You will never regret it, for you will find true peace.

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  1. 1) There is no "Holy" in front of Trinity. I mean, yes it is the Holy Trinity, but it is just Trinity Catholic High School... no 'holy'.
    2) These are lovely thoughts. It is not rambling. Rambling is what happens on my blog, dear. These words are coherent and flow beautifully.
    3) Thank you for sharing!! You are a lovely daughter of the King of Kings, oh my beautiful sweetheart!!