Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dancing Broccoli

I started off my day by sleeping in until 9:30 or so, then opening up my package of TEA from Harrod's Department Store, in London! "Finest Earl Grey" is what the package said--and it smelled AWESOME! So I had this lovely cup of tea which made my stomach feel all warm and cozy! And I storge tea. But that reality has already been established. And now I'm having another cup, because my Confirmation sponsor is over, and I HAD to give her some, and give myself more!

Well, after finishing my lovely cup of tea this morning, I helped prepare lunch for the priests at my parish (every Thursday, my family prepares lunch for them). My sister, Christina, and I had to cut up broccoli to steam. Well, we were cutting up broccoli, and I began seeing just how awesome broccoli is. I picked up one broccoli "tree," and said "Hey look--it looks like a guy with a fro!" Then my sister finds a piece and says, "Hey look-it's like an Irish dancer!" (Irish dancers wear wigs of curly hair, and the broccoli looked a little like that). So, I found a piece that looked like Michael Flatley (the guy who started Riverdance) and a piece that looked like a girl with long hair, and thus it was born: Riverdance--with broccoli. Yes, I danced these broccoli pieces around the table for a little bit, before they went back on the plate. And then I found a piece that looked like it had a mullet. Strangeness! Then my mom asked me to stop touching all of the broccoli, even though my hands were clean. Well, at least I could have SOME fun before being made to stop!

So...dancing broccoli.....

I am a firm believer that if you're involved in something, don't make it halfhearted (well, except for science or math homework). Live with passion! Human beings are created with deep emotions and passions, but honestly--there are so many people who don't live passionately. So many people that I have met live apathetically. They have no zest for life in any way. And I find that so sad! God creates us to love and to be loved....this love involves having a passion so deep that it drives us to sacrifice ourselves for others!

Life is an adventure; God places us each here with a specific purpose, a specific pathway to follow. In life, He brings us many people and events--again, each has a purpose. Whatever God does not ordain, He permits--so why go through life apathetically? Why not live with passion, wholeheartedly throwing ourselves into this great adventure of life that God brings us? If we're living, we have some choices: We can simply exist, apathetically, without really caring or living with passion or zest. Or we can live negatively. Or we can live with a positive, joyful zest for life, with passion. Taking all things that God gives us with joy, seeing the beauty and purpose in all people and events. Even in the small things, like dancing broccoli around the kitchen table.

The day is here.
The choice is yours.
Will you dance with the broccoli that God sends?

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