Wednesday, November 12, 2014

When the Weather Gets Cold: Enter the Eleventh Doctor Mittens!

Hello, all!

So the weather has started turning to winter...making it the perfect time for new mittens!

I love to knit, and so how else would I spend Halloween a few weeks back, except by watching "Singin' in the Rain," eating sugar, and knitting away? I found this awesome pattern for "Fezzes are Cool" mittens by Pixelated Mushroom (it was on Ravelry, make a free account and check it out), and knew I had to knit it up. I like this pattern for many reasons. First, it pulls together really quickly. In one evening alone of continual knitting while watching movies, I nearly finished the first mitten. The second mitten pulled together in between classes for a few days in the coming school week! (The only part that isn't "finished" is the button, because I've been too lazy to go to the store and buy buttons to sew on. But really that's not a rush, the red just flops around the palm of my hand a little bit since it's not buttoned down-no biggie.) Also, I needed knew mittens, because somehow I lost my awesome pair of flip-top mitten things a year or two back, and gloves don't always cut it. Furthermore, the fact that they are flip-top mittens makes me feel awesome at knitting them, but they are actually super easy to make. Finally, what could be better than strolling around with 11th Doctor-inspired mittens? Exactly.

So the most complicated part of this process is actually knitting the main color-mitten section and creating the flip-top section. It requires a bit more time and effort, but it really isn't that bad. Here's a visual:
Knitting tan into the back of the stitch and knitting red into the front
of the stitch at the same time? What kind of crazy person
thought this up? 

A handful of stitches in, starting to see the results!

Ta-da! A tan row and a red row coming off of the same
eighteen stitches! It's magical!
 I was pleasantly surprised at how simple these things were to make, and I really love the pattern. Seriously, it's totally the 11th Doctor. How awesome is that??? I also really loved how these flip-top mittens don't have a full thumb, because usually the mittens that I see or own that are flip top have thumbs, which makes texting impossible. But these are great! I can wear them as I text, type on the computer, or casually stroll around campus, waving at people so they can see  just how cool these mittens are.
Bowties are cool. 

(And fezzes are cool, too)

Happy knitting!

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