Monday, December 15, 2014

The Fairy Tale Version of Myself Fights Trolls with a Wooden Spoon

So a few weeks ago, I considered how we could all redefine our image of princesses, and how I get sad that there aren't many "realistic/normal" princesses out there in the books and movies. Well, about a week or so after that, a fellow English major and friend of mine dropped a bombshell on me before our class:
"Have you heard of Tatterhood?"
She proceeded to tell me about this princess named Tatterhood, who carries a wooden spoon that she uses to fight trolls or hobgoblins, depending on which version of the story you read.
What was my first thought in response to this?

 I don't need a sword. Because I am the Doctor. And this is my spoon.
Naturally, I had to hear more about this wonderful woman. My friend continued to tell me about how Tatterhood wore rags (hence, her name), rode a goat, and that the story was about her loving relationship with her twin sister (Hmm...sounds as cool as Frozen. I'd better check this out). My friend then told me about a Tatterhood comic strip on the internet, which--of course--I read.
And, naturally, I loved it.

I found a book at the library with a slightly different retelling of the story, and I grew to love the tale and character of Tatterhood more. In many ways, I identify with Tatterhood.
    First off, it's a Norwegian fairy tale, and guess what? Courtesy of my dad's side of the family, I have Norwegian blood (my maiden name, Hauge, is actually Norwegian for "hill farmer.").
    Secondly, Tatterhood frolics around in patched up clothes. Most of my clothes are hand-me-downs or thrift store finds, aside from a few skirts and tops I bought from the store-and bought about 8 years ago, and still wear quite frequently. I love hippie skirts, which happen to tear easily; hence, I utilize patches (which I happen to love, I feel like it adds a lot of character).
    Thirdly, Tatterhood rides around on a goat while wielding a wooden spoon. While I sadly haven't done this, I honestly think it would be awesome. Yes, when Tangled came out, I was highly tempted to start walking around with a frying pan. Yes, when--while in high school--I gave a speech on how awesome canes are, I had the burning urge to wield a walking stick like a boss. Instead, I walk around and battle evil each day with my Rosary and my like the Catholic version of what Tatterhood does? Okay, moving along...
    Fourthly, Tatterhood refuses to marry a prince impulsively or just because "he's a prince." And when she ends up being in the presence of a prince, she doesn't put on fake airs of grandeur, she's her wonderful, joyful, quirky self. Yup, that sums me up a bit, too.

So why is Tatterhood awesome, aside from the fact that she's someone realistic who I can identify with?

She courageously seeks goodness and justice no matter what. She loves adventure, and finds joy in life. She doesn't let others pull her down, but she bubbles up and has fun. She doesn't find her identity in fake, superficial things, but is her authentic self, and has immense beauty that comes from her awareness of her value and worth. And she fights trolls/hobgoblins with a wooden spoon. Really, you can't pass this up. (Disney, as long as you don't destroy this story, you should totally make a movie out of this. It'd be just as good as Frozen, I'm serious) I've already read through the story book a few times, and I'm hoping to read more versions from the library, since retellings usually slightly differ from each other. But they all shall be awesome, I am sure of it.

So just take a peek at the comic, or plunge into the actual glorious storybook itself. An adventure of epic proportions awaits.

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