Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Beautiful Wisdom of Teresita Quevedo

Greetings! Happy feast of St. Anthony, the awesome desert monk!

Sorry I've been off the blog for a bit; I've been adjusting to the routine of the semester, with classes and homework (though it really can't be called homework, I mean I get to study Tolkien and Eastern Christian churches and all sorts of fun stuff!). And then, I just discovered that this post was supposed to go up a week ago! Yet another occasion where my absentmindedness kicks in :) So, while I get back into the swing of things, here's a little chunk of fun from Venerable Teresita Queveod for your weekend!

 As I'm winding down with my reflections on the life and awesomeness of Teresita Quevedo, (the first woman I've been studying for my "Modern Sanctity" theme in this liturgical year) I want to present some awesome quotations with all of you. When Teresita was a young teenager, she attended a retreat, and the following are some of her notes from that retreat:

“We are made by God for Himself. What a terrible thing it would be to use God’s own creations to offend him!”

“To reach Heaven I must walk along a narrow road—a road of mortification and suffering. Mary, my Mother, take my hand. Lead me along the narrow path.”

“Purity is my ermine cloak. Charity is my diamond crown. Mary is my Queen. Jesus is my King. I am a princess—a princess who is a slave to the Queen.”

On this retreat, Teresita also formulated her personal motto, a major theme in her life, which guided all of her actions: "My Mother, grant that everyone who looks at me may see you!” 

Have a blessed and awesome weekend!!!!!!

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