Monday, February 16, 2015

Mercy Monday: Praying for the Will of God

A very happy Monday to all of you! 
I hope that y'all are having a blessed start to your week, and that the final days of Ordinary Time are going swimmingly! I have to run off to class in a couple of minutes (to give a paper presentation that I just finished a couple hours ago--senioritis this semester has turned me into a procrastinator! Scary!), so I will leave y'all with a really epic passage from St. Faustina's Diary which I found during Holy Hour yesterday. 

One day, a certain sister came to me and asked me for prayers, telling me that she could no longer stand things as they were. "And so, please pray, Sister." I answered that I would, and I began a novena to The Divine Mercy. I learned that God would give her the grace, but that she again would be dissatisfied when she received it. However, I kept on praying as she had asked me to do. The next day, the same sister came looking for me, and when we again began to talk about the same thing, I told her, "You know, Sister, when we pray, we ought not force the Lord God to give us what we want, but we should rather submit to His holy will." But she thought that what she was asking for was indispensable. Towards the end of the novena, the sister came again and said, "O Sister, the Lord Jesus has given me the grace, but now I am of a different mind. Please pray so that things will somehow be different again." I answered, "Yes, I will pray, but that God's will be done in you, Sister, and not what you want."  (Notebook 5, #1525)

May the joy of Christ fill your heart!

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