Friday, September 18, 2015

Cool for the Summer? Scolding Sister Squirrel? Pope Francis? Linking Up with Kelly for some SQT!

Hello there! I hope that y'all are having a grand ol' time on this beautiful Friday! I'm super glad it's the feast of St. Joseph Cupertino, because I petition him for help, like all the time! Anywho, when thinking about today's post, I realized that I had a bunch of little updates I wanted to share with you all...and it occurred to me that it's Friday! For the first time in my blogging life, I can link up with Kelly, from This Ain't the Lyceum, for some Seven Quick Takes! 

  1. While driving to the park today, my windows down so all of the poor unfortunate geese could hear me dance, drive, and sing along to Demi Lovato, I pondered one of life's great questions:  Is it summer? For most of my life, the end of summer was marked by the beginning of the school year. But now, for the first time in forever, I am not a student. So when does summer end and fall begin? I live in Oklahoma: we've been having 90 degree days, but over the weekend, temperatures are supposed to drop down to the 80s before rising back up to the 90s. Does this mean "falltime is here?" Because we have one tiny little temperature drop???  The only reason I even care is so I can swap out my clothing capsules and get to my epic giraffe skirt and my insanely cool elephant-covered hippie skirt. But maybe I won't care about that, either, and just wear whatever clothes I feel like. 
  2. So I totally attended a Pontifical High Mass celebrated by Cardinal Burke last night!!!!! It was pretty darn epic. The church was crammed full of people (and most of them young!! Future friends?!?!), there were super awesome vestments, and the liturgy itself was amazing. Oh, and I decided that Cardinal Burke's cappa magna was legit!!! That's probably one of the coolest things about being a cardinal. I mean, not really, but he had a 9-foot long red cape!!! People, that's kind of awesome. (I do not have a photo of him for you, but I do have a good shot of the church!)
    After Mass, the high altar and cathedra!And a random server.
  3. The Oklahoma squirrel population is super friendly. Like, weirdly friendly! I was sitting at a picnic table, reading Pioneer Girl, and squirrels kept coming up to me, wanting to walk over all my stuff! "GET AWAY, SISTER SQUIRREL!" I scolded. So the squirrel would step back a little bit, but then come closer again. People, this kept happening all morning! So I would move. I would stomp my feet. I would wave my hands in the air. Maybe all these squirrels were male, so they were offended when I called them "Sister Squirrel" and thought rebellion was justifiable? I don't know. I love animals, and squirrels are adorable, but I just wanted to read my flippin' book in peace without an animal who poking around my purse while I had visions of it potentially jumping on my face!!! 
    Well hello, there, Sister Squirrel who is coming right at me!!!!
  4. The 1960s Batman television series is amazing!!!! I binge-watched quite a bit of it earlier in the week after buying it, and I have no regrets whatsoever. It's so campy, cheesy, wholesome, innocent, fun, and...Batman! I just love it. Take this as a warning that 1960s Batman will be cropping up more often here on the blog :) 
  5. So my husband's birthday was Monday, and it was kind of awesome. We had sushi, homemade Butterfingers, and I crocheted him a Millennium Falcon...because Star Wars!!!!! So that was pretty great. All week has been pretty celebratory, and I'm loving it! 
  6. I don't know if you saw how President Obama has prepared for Pope Francis' visit, but it has enraged a lot of people. And while I don't touch on politics often, I feel the need to state my position on this recent piece of news: Why should we be mad about this? President Obama hand-picked a group of people who may really need an encounter with God's loving, truthful, joyful mercy. And now those people will welcome the Pope to the U.S.A. Is this a problem? So maybe the White House did this to push their agendas, or maybe it was an innocently made party foul. I personally feel like it's a huge party foul which was done in poor taste. But you know what? I'm not worried about it. Even more so, I'm convinced in my gut that God will be having the last laugh on this one! We never know how God will work in and through Pope Francis. So pray, hope, and don't worry about it! 
  7. POPE FRANCIS IS COMING!!!! He's going to be in Cuba tomorrow, so please be praying for that visit!!! And then he's coming over here on Tuesday!!!!! I'm so excited!!!! Get ready for the awesomeness!!!!
The Dango Daikazoku and I are very excited!
Thanks for stopping by today!! I hope that you have an epic start to your weekend!!


  1. Where dud you get that pope francis? Love it!

    1. Hey there! Glad you like it!! You can find the cutout picture on the Catholic Extension website: God bless!

  2. You crochet, too?? Our similarities keep growing!

    1. Wha????? Oh gosh, I can't handle this. I love it!!! Yes, I do crochet! Knitting is my first language, but last summer I taught myself how to crochet so I could make mini-Doctor Who dolls :) I'm not very fluent in crochet (I continually have to look stuff up on the internet, to make sure I'm doing a stitch correctly), but I just wing it and have fun :)