Thursday, September 3, 2015

Woolly Teeth? A Half-Pomegranate Cheek? (Why I Love the Song of Songs)

Hey there! Happy feast of St. Gregory the Great, everyone!!! 

The other day, I was doing some hardcore thinking about one of my most favorite books in the Bible: The Song of Songs. 

It drives me bonkers that this book is pretty much never discussed anymore. We read it at Mass twice a year, you hear it referenced in Catholic pick-up lines (which are awesome, don't get me wrong), and women and girls might jump into it every now and then for some consolation from God. About four years ago, I was on two retreats that used a Scripture verse from the Song of Songs. Otherwise, though, I only rarely hear people talk about it or read it. 

I think it's time we changed this sad reality. After all, this book is super crazily awesomely deep and beautiful for men and women. In fact, some of the best reflections I've read on the Song of Songs have been written  by men. So hop on over to Ignitum Today and see just a handful of reasons why I encourage everyone to read the Song of Songs! 

Oh, also, just for fun, there's this great (totally hilarious) song that a former household brother of mine wrote and performed for his CD. It is well worth your time. Have a beautiful and awesome day!!

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