Monday, January 25, 2016

Changing our perspectives for Valentine's Day

Hi, everyone! Happy feast of the Conversion of St. Paul! St. Paul is super cool, and I love reflecting on his words in the New Testament. Sometime, I might will have to blog about him. In the meantime, I'd like to talk about Valentine's Day. 

Wait. Hello??? It's January. Why are you talking about Valentine's Day? 

My friend, in case you haven't noticed, I want to inform you that people love preparing for holidays way in advance. So for weeks, Valentine's Day candy and decor has been abundant in the store. And yes, I have begun to see social media posts about Valentine's Day. So, I think it's high time to discuss this annual celebration, especially how we view it.

I was never that interested in dating while I was a teenager. I mean, I was planning to become a religious sister or nun (long story!); plus, I don't think that dating (or courting) relationships while in high school are that beneficial for the most part. 
[though I will point out-there is the occasional case where a couple has a purpose and is actually planning to head down the wedding aisle shortly after high school, ready to make that commitment together for the rest of their lives]

Even so, I still had moments throughout childhood and teenage-hood where I'd think, Man, I'd just love to go on a nice, semi-romantic date. Or, They have such a cute relationship. It'd be kinda cool to be in a sweet relationship like that now. Usually, though, I wouldn't have a problem with being my single self. However, there is one time a year when singleness is especially-sometimes painfully-shoved in the faces of men and women: Valentine's Day. While some people try to pump themselves up with "Singles Awareness Day! Yay singleness! I'm going to ignore the fact that I'm single, because I'm happy as a single person!" other people just get glum. And it's understandable-especially if you don't want to be single, single life is hard. However, years ago, God hit me with a though that helped me rethink Valentine's Day as a single girl: 

For more on this topic (and to see what I did about it), check out my post on Ignitum Today! 


  1. "I don't think that dating (or courting) relationships while in high school are that beneficial"

    Haha, you know I disagree :). Andy and I started dating in high school, and even though we didn't get married immediately after (that's what I don't find to be beneficial, in my opinion), we're getting there soon. Now that I think about it, including Andy and I, I know 12 couples who are now married or engaged that have either been dating since high school or were in the same high school class and starting dating shortly after. Kinda crazy, actually. If that's not the norm then there must be something in the water here :).

    The only issue I have with Valentine's Day is SO MUCH PINK EVERYWHERE AHHH.

    1. Haha yeah, that's one of the reasons why I put in "for the most part"-I do know a couple of marriages where the relationship started in high school, though most of the high school relationships I knew of wound up ending at some point after graduation. That's cool that you know a bunch of high school sweethearts who are getting married!!! I wonder if the scenario where you live is more of a norm, or if y'all just do have special magical water :o Hahahaha, yeah, I actually like pink, but I think that pink gets to be a little overdone on V-Day. Who got to decide that, anyway? Why don't we splash another color everywhere? Or lots of colors? I don't know, society is weird.

  2. Great thoughts, AnneMarie.
    I do appreciate celebrating Valentine's Day with my husband, but I always make an effort to focus on loving our neighbors, too. It's great to think of love on a broader scale!

    1. Thanks, Shannon! Oh definitely-and when you're married, it is so important to take that intentional time to celebrate with your spouse! I think it's wonderful that you do that and make an effort to love your neighbors. It's beautiful to nurture God's love in our marriages, homes, and families, and then to let it flood outward to touch others!