Friday, May 20, 2016

A Hilarious Video, Austenite Musings, & Some Very Random Happenings (7QT)

Happy Friday, everyone! Life has been random in small ways here and there as of late, so I thought I'd share some 7 Quick Takes with y'all to spread the joy and update you a little bit! 

Anyone who shares my sentiments about the marketing of essential oils may really appreciate this humorous video. 

Some friends showed it to me at a party over the weekend, and watching it was so cathartic! It takes so many of my feelings and just expresses them perfectly in such a fantastic and hilarious way :) 

I keep re-discovering just how cool Jane Austen is. 

After years of being terrified of it, I finally picked up and read Mansfield Park, and totally fell in love with the story and the character of Fanny Price. After reading the book, I binge-watched the entire Youtube series From Mansfield with Love in the span of just a couple days. I then also read another Austen-related book which was pretty good (a literature post is coming to the blog soon, no worries!). Jane Austen is wonderful. And for any of y'all who are fans of the BBC Pride and Prejudice miniseries, I highly recommend that you read this article about Mr. Darcy's Shirt, which is completely hilarious :) 

On Tuesday, I talked about how other people whom I don't really know have shared joy and excitement about the little boy who is swimming in my belly-and then things got even more epic. 

Just a few hours after posting this blog, my doorbell rang. Lo and behold, another woman at my apartment complex-who I met just a few weeks ago-stood there with a bag of brand-new baby clothes which she had purchased! Not only that, but this woman is moving out of the apartment complex this week. So, she has plenty going on in her life. Still, she made the time to buy an adorable gift for our baby-and then she took the time to hunt around the complex to find our apartment. Seriously, I am so overwhelmed at the beauty, thoughtfulness, and goodness of other people!  

Whenever the warm months of summer draw near, if my hair is long at all, it starts to drive me crazy

But, my husband is awesome and a lifesaver, and at my request he hacked off my long locks! I have been so much happier with my long hair gone, especially as life with a newborn child draws near-because I will not have time or motivation to swirl and braid my hair in fancy updos! My husband had never cut my hair before, so it was a very exciting adventure. I think it's pretty funny that, ever since I got my haircut, the following conversation has happened multiple times: 

Other Person: You got a haircut?!?! It looks great!

Me: Thanks! Yes, my husband cut it for me. 
Other Person: Really???? Oh my goodness, you are so brave and have a lot of trust. I wouldn't dare let my husband/boyfriend cut my hair ever!!!!
Personally, though, I wasn't terrified to let Jacob cut my hair. He's a meticulous, detail-oriented person, and I knew that it would turn out at least decently well. Plus, how am I supposed to trust my husband with the Very Important Job of getting me to Heaven if I can't trust him to put a pair of scissors to my hair? 

Do you want to feel like royalty while watching a movie? 

Check out the Balcony at the Warren (this is not a sponsored post, I just have to rave about the experience for a minute). My husband was out of town for Mother's Day weekend, and he wanted to take me out on a date to see Captain America: Civil War when he got back. So, on Saturday evening we drove down to Moore (the land of tornadoes). My husband had been told about the Balcony experience, and on this very special date, he wanted to pamper me. 
Sitting on my soft throne, looking down on the "peasants" below.
As they consumed their buckets of popcorn and pop from paper cups,
I was enjoying my restaurant-quality dinner, and others
 by me were daintily sipping alcohol out of wine glasses.  
After picking up our tickets, we ascended the staircase and went to the entrance for the movie. An employee took our tickets and escorted us to our seats, which were in the front row of the center of the balcony (so basically, the perfect spot). The seats were extremely wide and put in groups of 2, with a small table and movable armrest in between. We sat, a waiter came out and took our orders (for real food, like cheesy spinach dip with flatbread, with real utensils, and with cloth napkins) and we nestled into our warm seats (yes, there were seat warmers!) for the movie. Oh, and during the movie, my water glass was empty at some point, so I merely pushed the button on my chair and an employee came scurrying out to refill my glass for me. I felt like a princess! Also, this pregnant lady appreciated getting to curl up on my chair and wait for the servants-I mean, employees-to bring me food and drink ;) Civil War was an epic movie, and the Balcony experience was quite spectacular. What a way to kick off Pentecost! 

I got a new bottle in the mail!!!!!! 

It's the small things in life, people ;) Last summer, I got obsessed with drinking water, and this enthusiasm only continued to grow once I got pregnant. But refilling my pathetic little 20 oz. bottle at least 6 times a day was starting to get old. Ever since I obtained a new bottle, I've only had to refill it a handful of times each day. So much time and physical effort of frolicking off to the faucet is being saved! 
Old Bottle is on the right, New Bottle is on the left.
I have a serious reading problem, which manifests itself every time I dare step into a library.
A couple of nights ago, I went into the library because I had some books that were due. I also remembered that I had requested (through inter-library loan) a book or two, which should have been waiting on the "Holds" shelf for me. But, before I sauntered over to the Holds shelf, I decided to grab "just a couple" other books. After all, I'm re-reading the Anne of Green Gables books and needed to grab a copy of book 5, and then there was also this other book that I heard about recently which I might as well pick up while I was thinking about it, right? And finally, after my hands are full of books, I walk to pick up my one or two inter-library loans...and there were four books waiting for me! I guess I lost track of how many I requested. Jenny (who just had a baby!) recently wrote about "Signs that your kids read way too much," and it's kind of scary how many of those still apply to me long after my childhood. I guess I'll just use the excuse that all of this is "comfort reading" to help me keep calm as I prepare for childbirth ;)

Well, everyone, there you have it! Seven completely random bits and pieces of my life. I hope that you all have a stellar weekend! 


  1. Wow, that's wonderful that you've encountered so many people who are excited about your pregnancy, and so generous, too! :) And reading too much is never a problem ;) I often feel a twinge of regret when walking through a library or bookstore because I know that I could never possibly read all the books I wanted to in a lifetime!
    That movie theater sounds amazing! The only time I've gone to a dine-in movie theater, it was a small, hipster place in Brooklyn—they actually themed the menu around the movies they were showing, which was pretty cool. But they only showed a few movies at a time, and they weren't the mainstream blockbuster films, so options were more limited. And the experience was not nearly as fancy as the place you described!

    1. Erin, I'm glad you can relate to the struggle of wanting to read ALL the books! I've actually been dealing with a bit of guilt lately because there are some books that have been on my list for such a long time (like Chesterton's Orthodoxy), but I still haven't gotten around to them because I pick up other books on a whim instead! Sigh...I guess this is what summer To Do lists are for.

      Wow, that hipster theater in Brooklyn sounds really amazing. I love the idea of basing the menu off the movies! I bet there were so many fun dishes! Even with limited options, I'm sure it was pretty incredible-I would love going to that kind of theater.

  2. I let my now-husband cut my hair once.
    It probably would have been fine...if it wasn't 2 weeks before my wedding portraits. We fixed it, but there were a lot more tears than strictly called for...

    1. Oh my goodness, Kirby, that is intense-right before wedding portraits?!?! I'm glad you were able to have it fixed, but oh my...I'm sure it was very stressful. That's also interesting that he was willing to cut if before wedding portraits; I wanted my hair chopped off before I got married, but both my now-husband and my mom nixed that idea :P

  3. Thanks for sharing, I'm glad you could relate to reading way too much. My kids are not alone! I'm really envious of your regal movie experience. Sign me up, that sounds awesome!

    1. My pleasure! I think that us read-a-holics need to stick together ;) Seriously, if you ever have the chance for a regal kind of movie experience, do it! Anyone can benefit from that kind of pampering.

  4. These all make me smile! It's amazing how people come out of the woodwork to be kind when you are pregnant. I think your hair looks great! I cut mine when I am desperate. That movie theater sounds amazing!

    1. I'm so glad these made you smile, Ann-Marie! It really is beautiful to see the awesome ways in which a little new life can get different people excited :) That's cool that you're brave enough to cut your own hair! I was almost at that point, but I really didn't trust myself enough. I'm grateful that Jacob was willing, otherwise, who knows what my hair would've wound up looking like?

  5. Heehee!! I'm so glad that you both enjoyed it. I've only watched the video twice so far, but I've also started watching a couple other of his videos in his "Ultra Spiritual Life" series, and oh goodness, that man is so funny. I really enjoy the one about vegetarians, too. Thanks-I'm pretty excited with how the ol' haircut turned out.

  6. With some husbands, it would be very reasonable to let them cut your hair. It would not work with my extremely-short-attention-span, doesn't care about the details Angel. I have my mom cut my hair because she will listen and follow step by step instructions. Ever since cosmetology school I've cut hair for all my family and some friends, too. I did two trims this week alone. And I love short hair--long hair just never feels like "me" even though I often feel like trying it up until my hair reaches my shoulders!

    1. Haha oh, I'm sure if Angel isn't in the details, him cutting hair would not end well :P That's neat that your mom is able to do it for you. That sounds really handy that you are able to put all of your hair-knowledge to use. My mother-in-law used to be a hairdresser as well, so while Jacob was hacking away at my hair, he said, "Well, worst case scenario-when my mom comes to visit she can fix this all if needed."