Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Preparing for the New Year & Learning about Hipsters

Happy Wednesday, friends! I'm guessing that most of you are, like me, in the throes of last-minute preparations for Thanksgiving. I'm a big believer in "get as many Thanksgiving things done as early as possible," but even then, I find myself scrambling to wash and dry that last load of diapers before we hit the road. Right now, the sound of the washing machine is blending with the sounds of The Punisher (I'm forever grateful that Netflix released it just before I started all of my Thanksgiving food preparations-because peeling potatoes and watching Frank Castle fight go hand in hand, yes?) and my house smells like dinner rolls. 

Throughotu all of these preparations, I've been thinking about the new  year. On December 3, 2017, we will start a new liturgical year with the season of Advent. I don't know about y'all, but a lot of times, Advent/the New Year jumps out at me and I'm unprepared. To help keep myself accountable, and to help any of you who might need inspiration, I recently wrote an article for about this: 3 Ways to Prepare for the New Year.

I've also been reading up a storm over here (what else is new?), and I was thrilled to read The Catholic Hipster Handbook, by Tommy Tighe. I've listened to Tighe's podcast off-and-on for the past several months, and couldn't wait to read his book. It was a delight to read. You can read my review here.

I hope that you all have a blessed and joyful Thanksgiving! Make sure to spend time in prayer and offer thanks to God!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving, AnneMarie! Those are both great articles, and now I need to go read and work on dinner prep too. I feel unusually ready for Advent this year, and am so looking forward to breaking out all the decorations soon :-)

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for reminding me about Advent coming up. It's so hard to remember these things when your mind is occupied by a thousand and one things that will ultimately not matter.

    1. Happy Thanksgiving! Advent always seems to sneak up on me because this time of the year just gets so crammed full of different things-so this year I'm trying to be super vigilant.