Thursday, March 31, 2011

Peanut Butter Jelly Time!!

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I love peanut butter. In cookies, on pancakes, in candy, on a PB&J sandwich, on a sandwich with chocolate syrup, on a sandwich with marshmallow cream, on a peanut butter and banana sandwich …and hey, I even will scoop peanut butter on a chocolate bar or into chocolate chips and eat it. Or if there’s not chocolate around, and I need some sustenance, I’ll just eat a scoop of peanut butter by itself.There are many different kinds of peanut butter; natural, crunchy, smooth, honey peanut butter, no-salt added, no-sugar added… a type of peanut butter for nearly everyone. God’s will is like peanut butter. Every type of peanut butter has one thing in common: it’s all peanut butter. At the same time, everyone usually has a different kind of peanut butter which seems to be “made” just for them; their favorite kind.

God’s will for everyone has one thing in common: whatever His will, it will make each person happiest. However, just as there are variations of peanut butter, God’s will for each person is different. Maybe your closest friend favors crunchy peanut butter the best. But maybe natural peanut butter seems made for your ultimate peanut desires. It’s the same thing with God’s will. Your closest friend might be called to religious life, but that doesn’t mean that you are. Perhaps you are called to marriage. Maybe you are called to religious life. That’s for God to know, and you to find out.

Peanut butter can be hard to swallow at times. I mean, it’s thick, sticky, and has a way of not going down one’s throat. Many times, it can be helpful to drink milk; this helps the peanut butter to go down. In the same way, in order to fully live out our vocations, we need to drink in the graces of God. The graces that God sends aid us in living out our vocations fully. We can try to eat that peanut butter without drinking milk along with it. It’ll be harder, and the peanut butter may not all be completely consumed, because it isn’t being washed down the throat. In this way, we can try to live out our vocations without utilizing the help of God’s grace.

We can think that God’s grace is unnecessary; we fall into pride, and think we can do things without looking to God. In order to fully eat that peanut butter, we really need to drink milk, water, some type of beverage! In order to fully live out and know our vocations we need to drink in all of the graces that God sends; we need to ask God for His assistance and help in knowing and doing His will! Once that peanut butter is eaten, it brings sustenance. It fills us, and helps us to live and act. Choosing God’s will, and choosing to accept His graces and help, is touch. However, this decision is well worth it. The satisfaction and fulfillment upon living in God’s will is incredible. The next time you eat peanut butter, take that time as a chance to renew a goal, or make a goal, of choosing God’s will. A goal of letting go of pride, and humbly accepting His graces and help. And for those allergic to peanut butter? It’s just another way to remember that God’s will is different for everyone. Not everyone is called to go “eat peanut butter.” Take a look at that peanut butter, and live life with a purpose.


  1. Oh my goodness, wonderful! You know what this reminded me of?! Your green beans ;-). Oh, and the part about God's Will being hard to swallow...truuuuuue story.

  2. Annie your blog always inspires me and gives me something to think about! This was a really good analogy!

    So do you think I should start a blog like we were talking about the other day lol?

    ~Kelly =)

  3. :) I'm so glad that you two like it! This blog post came about in Newspaper the other day...I was at my computer, remembering how at a PSR teacher thing, we were supposed to think of like 5 ways God is like peanut butter. That led to God's will being like peanut butter-and it all just came out!
    Kelly!! You figured out how to comment :) Yeah, you should DEFINITELY start your own blog!!!! That would be amazing :D