Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Butterfly

Verso l' alto! To the heights!
  • I pray that you are all doing well. Know that God is blessing each of you abundantly, whether you realize it or not! Praise God for another gift of a day!
  • So...I'm still in that flashback to my past...8th grade poetry, anyone? Well, I hope you all enjoy, and like always, feel free to tell me what you think--whether it be harsh or gentle, I love to hear it! :D God bless!
  • See, now in the cocoon
  • There is the little butterfly
  • Laying, resting, waiting
  • For the day of freedom
  • The day to spread its wings
  • And fly into the sky
  • The other creatures mock
  • The butterfly in the cocoon
  • They know not how lovely
  • This creature is now becoming
  • It is protected from
  • The dark, strong, and powerful storms
  • Protected, it is safe
  • From the wrath of the deadly storm
  • It waits, and grows, quite strong
  • As it lies in its small cocoon.
  • But here—the day has come
  • When the butterfly is ready
  • To face the harsh dangers
  • That the world has to offer it.
  • Now, the butterfly will
  • Face the harsh dangers and fight them.
  • It will join the others
  • Who stand in the storm and fight it
  • The butterfly is free
  • And will bring beauty to the Earth
  • As those had done before.
  • What a mystery it is
  • As a butterfly in a cocoon,
  • So we need to learn and grow
  • As the butterfly stretches it’s wings
  • We will stretch our wings someday
  • And, as the butterfly in the sky
  • We will soar.