Saturday, April 16, 2011


So...I was cleaning out that ominous area under the bed--I'll never know what I find there! Well, I chanced to find a poem which I wrote last summer. I had just gotten off of work, and was waiting for a ride from my parents, and I felt like writing. I had also just finished reading Act 1 of Hamlet, so that probably influenced my thoughts as I wrote this. Enjoy!!

Biting words
That fly through the air
Poison darts, embedding
Into the other's skin
The words seeping through
The pores
Flowing through the veins,
Straight to the heart
Causing a painful
Distortion of communication itself
And, if received in a certain way,
Create a transformation into a
Hideous receiver of evil who
Wishes only to seek revenge,
To send back more deadly
Darts, to strike harsher, more
The looming vendetta grows
From a small, wicked desire
Into a hideous monster,
Thrashing throughout the
Earth, laying waste to all.
And with every stab at
Another, a harsher stab
Embeds itself into the monstrous
Hideous heart of stone.
The vendetta rages on,
Destroying itself slowly
But surely,
By piece
Until all is gone
But Despair
Who skulks
And sneaks about
Whispering, hissing
"This is what
Comes to you, you
Hideous monster of Revenge.
All is gone from you
But Me."
And slowly, Despair reaches out its
Arms of death,
And embraces
The vengeful soul.