Saturday, April 9, 2011

Thoughts from a Lazy Saturday

  • Glory be to God! I'm taking a break from the 8th grade poetry, in order to write a few random thoughts.
  • Last night, I went on my 4th Lenten All Night Vigil. It was absolutely amazing; there's nothing like Midnight Mass by candlelight, Adoration at 3 a.m., being in Adoration with really close friends, and hanging out with crazy people...all with no sleep! Admittedly, I did get four hours of sleep when I came home, and then had a two-hour nap later-so I'm rested up! :)
  • God is crazy, and the power of prayer is amazing. I was having a heart to heart talk with a friend the other day who is in great need of prayers. This person told me not to pray, saying it would do no good for them. I decided not to listen, and have been praying and sacrificing for this person. Still, I felt a little uneasy, and started questioning, saying to myself "will this really do any good? What if this person is right? Or maybe the devil is just trying to discourage me..." Well, Friday evening before Mass, I prayed Liturgy of the Hours. The reading was from James, chapter 5: "Declare your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may find healing. The fervent petition of a holy man is POWERFUL INDEED." Whoa, okay Holy Spirit--that anvil was a bit powerful! But awesome. Moral of the story? The devil will try to discourage you in prayer-don't listen to him! He's the biggest jerkface around! The power of prayer is absolutely amazing, never underestimate it!
  • I found out about this "Blessed" recently, who is super legit: Blessed Jose Juis Sanchez del Rio. Basically, he was a 14 year old boy, living in Mexico, who was captured by the anti-Catholic government forces from the time (he lived from 1913-1928, to give you a time period). He refused to denounce his faith; as a result, they skinned the bottom of each foot, and forced him to walk around his town towards the cemetary. Repeatedly, they asked him to deny his faith. His response? Viva Christo Rey! Finally, Jose was shot to death, repeating his declaration of Christ's Kingship. This guy is so inspiring. Can you even comprehend the pain-to walk around in the rocky, dirty ground with the bottom of each foot shaved off? And yet this 14 year old did it. Is your faith that strong? Will you stand for Christ as the gun is pointed at your head?
  • Well, that's all I've got in my head today! Have an amazing day!!

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