Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Blast Back to the Past....

So, I have no time to really write any kind of reflection, since I'm working on last-minute stuff (my flight takes off at 6 a.m. tomorrow for the land of Far Far Away Awesomeness!). So here's a little something I wrote up a couple years back. Enjoy! May God's blessings shower down upon you all!
Knight in Shining Armor by AnneMarie Hauge, 9/10/09
The sun climbs up the sky
Colors stretching forth
A bright, fresh world
Springing forth with beauty
All is awake but she
Lying in bed, tossing, turning
The memories plaguing her heart
Of last night
Who wants to be alone
On Friday night?
All the popularity, pulling you
Into the party, into the storm
It wasn’t that much to give,
Was it?
It had been her chance
To be someone
After walking through
Two years of high school
She wanted to fit in
To be someone special
She wanted her chance
Thought she had it,
Friday night
Now she tosses and turns
Her heart crying out
As it falls and crashes
Into thousands of pieces
I couldn’t be alone
Any longer
This was my chance
To be someone
It didn’t seem like
That much-
At the time
All day she is plagued
The memories torture
Her downtrodden spirit
She feels so worthless
She has to get away
Some quiet place to think
Get away from the noise
Of her mind
And the memories
She accelerates down the road
Radio turned off
Listening to silence
Still, the memories
Chase after her,
Trying to catch up
She needs to get away
Then, she sees it
Little church, surrounded by fields
No one around
Calm and peaceful
Just what she needs
She parks the car,
Dashes up the steps
Yanking the church doors open
Inside, all is serene
No glow of candles
Save the red lamp
She sinks into a pew
Utterly collapsing
Her emotions letting loose
I feel so worthless
Broken and crushed
It didn’t seem like much
To give, but it was
How can I live
Will my knight
Ever come?
Her eyes are drawn
To the tabernacle
A shining castle,
Beckoning her to
Wait, just wait….
I will be your
Knight in Shining Armor
I am your King
Come back to me,
My daughter, my love
She looks over to see
An elderly priest
Sitting in a pew nearby
Father, bless me-
I have sinned
She exits the church
Feeling somewhat refreshed
But still uneasy
How can I live?
How will I face them?
And what could
God mean to say this?
The questions flood her mind
Uneasiness of the future
Grips her heart
People walk past her
Entering the place
To partake of the
Lord of Lords
She turns around
Walks up the steps
Enters, slides in the pew
Singing, reading, encouragement
Previously only going
Through the motions
Now, more attentive
For some reason
The bells ring
Her eyes look up
Sees Him
Lifted high
Here I am.
You are Mine.
Dearest, I am coming.
She rises as He comes
Her Knight in Shining Armor
She walks forward
As He is brought to her
Take Me, eat Me,
I am here for you…
I am your Knight
I will protect you
She falls to her knees
Overflowing with joy
Her Knight had come
To save her
O dearest, my Love
Thank you for
Strengthening me
For being my Knight
In Shining Armor
Now I can face them
Renewed in my faith
Convicted in Truth
With You at my side
For You are my Knight
Laying down Your life
For me to be
Someone special, someone loved
Thank you, my Knight
For coming-to rescue me
The days go by
Friday once again
The cell phone rings
In her room
But she is not there
To answer the call
To fall into the storm
No, she gazes at
Her Knight
Love flowing forth
From her heart
To His
Thank you, my Love
For coming to me
You have greatly
Strengthened my heart.
It is my honor, my love
I will always protect you
For I am your Knight
In Shining Armor.

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  1. Regrettably, I haven't been by recently... I like it. It feels like it could be a pretty legit rap with the italic portions being sung. (And I'm not much of one for rap, most of the time.) But yeah, I like it.