Sunday, January 8, 2012


HAPPY SOLEMNITY OF THE EPIPHANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was gone. And I had no clue what had happened.
Getting back to this thought later....(hahaha its my evil plot to get you to read this whole post...)

So today is an extraordinarily epic day. Well, it's a solemnity. And it is the Epiphany. And while I could give--or at least, try to give--a beautiful, deep, spiritual reflection (I got two epic books for Christmas about spiritually going through Advent and Christmas), I'm not even going to try. I am in no way in the mindset for deep spiritual reflections--sorry bout that! I'm going to start off this post with a phrase that was said by one of my beloved parish priests before Mass today:
‎"Tonight, we're going to throw some miracle grow on Jesus.
He's going to go from two years old to thirty years old in one night!"

(See, today is the Epiphany, where Jesus was two years old. Tomorrow is the Baptism of the Lord, where Jesus was thirty years old. Just in case you got lost there)

During Mass, specifically during the Gospel and homily, I was thinking about the wise men and their journey. They set out on a journey. Why does one set out on a journey? Because they seek a fulfillment of some kind. They see where they have a lacking, and need to fulfill it in some way. Why do I journey to a friend's house? Because I recognize that I have a lacking of their presence in my life, and I want to be with them; to fulfill myself in that way. Why did the wise men leave to go find the Christ Child? Look up Matthew, Chapter 2. They were lacking of knowledge in the Christ Child, and lacking interaction with Him. They set out to become fulfilled by Christ. In order to completely find Christ and give Him homage as God, the wise men had to acknowledge that they were incomplete, needing to be filled by God. And they did not just sit back, being lazy in their incomplete lives. No, they went out, searching for God, being open to Him. We need to do the same: we must see where we lack God in our lives, and go forth, seeking His Truth in all areas of our lives.

Oh, going back to my earlier thoughts/ my family had a gift card. And I put it by my dad's computer keyboard in the office; I was positive! But a couple days later, my dad asked me where it was. And apparently, he had not seen it in his office. So I, feeling terrible that I lost this family gift, began searching...and praying....and searching....a week later, and it had still not turned up. My parents had told me not to worry, and I wasn't worried--but it still was a weight on my chest. This card wasn't just about me; it belonged to my siblings as well, and I had gone and misplaced it somehow in dad's office! So tonight I put on some Irish instrumental music in the office, and I began praying and looking more. All places that I had looked before. Nothing. So I said, "God, maybe it's just not Your will. To learn detachment. But this isn't just about me; it's about my siblings." Well, I walked over to this bookcase--which I had thoroughly looked over before--and began looking through small piles. And then saw, standing up next to the crucifix--the gift card. Praise the Lord!!

All of our searching, all of our lacking, will be fulfilled in the Cross. Christ--God made man--fulfills us with His Body, with His Blood. With His Love. With His sacrifice.
So go--seek God in all that you do in your daily life; in that annoying coworker, in that difficult teacher, in that hard class--find God and unite yourself to Him and His Sacrifice of Love.
Seek Him, and you will find Him.