Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Life Just Keeps Rollicking Along!

Welcome to one of the most awesome weeks ever! (one of the friars on campus declares that it is his favorite week of the year)
Just take a look at our lineup of awesome saints:

Monday, September 29: Feast of the Archangels
Tuesday, September 30: St. Jerome
Wednesday, October 1: ST. THERESE!!!!
Thursday, October 2: Feast of the Guardian Angels
Saturday, October 4: ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sunday, October 5: since it’s a Sunday, she’s not really celebrated, but…ST. FAUSTINA!!!!!!!!!

I've been off the blog for a bit, so here’s a little update of my life and blessings from God that I've been rejoicing in!

1.      Turning in my first Creative Nonfiction Paper. It was 17 full pages of solid research about veiling and a couple of interviews with women who veil. A ton of fun, but many hours of work J I loved the feeling of printing it off and turning it in! Now onto the next paper, a 30ish page style paper, which I’ll ultimately combine with paper 1 for my final paper in December!
2.      Watching Frisbee games! Jacob plays intramurals and it’s super great to watch. My TOB professor is on Jacob’s team, so I always sit with his family and we watch the game together (and one of his young daughters and I will crochet together sometimes, which is always super cute!).
3.      Lots of classwork. Specifically, thesis work. Meaning, trying to wrap my head around a super epic mystic (St. John of the Cross) and his poetry. It’s beautiful, and I love it, but I need to actually start hammering things out…which is hard when I have senioritis about my thesis J Also reading tons about suffering for my Theology of Healing class, which is super awesome! (and it all applies so much to my household, Sacrifice of Love, it’s fabulous!) And yup, tons of the Theology of the Body reading. JPII blows my mind. Like, all the time!!!!!!
4.      Lots of games with my husband! We totally love games, and spend many wonderful hours each week playing Risk, Settlers of Catan, Agricola, Chess, cards, Mario Party, and a little bit of Melee on the side (I’d like to say over the span of our marriage, I’ve improved in my Melee playing…which doesn’t mean much, since I’ve never really been good/into video games J ).
5.      Another blog post up for the Chastity Project!  It’s always really exciting for me to see something that I wrote hit the internet, and I always pray that I can reach someone out there. If I can ever reach one person, that makes it totally worth it!
6.       Random fun stuff at school! A little over a week ago, the American Shakespeare Centre did a fantastic performance of Hamlet. It was hysterical and extremely sad. Wow. They were super talented! On September 22, one our friends hosted her yearly “Hobbit Party,” which was (as always) under a large tree in the middle of campus. We ate apples, mushrooms, and sat under a lantern and little lights while she read the party scene from The Fellowship of the Ring. I have to say, sitting under the tree, listening to her read, was incredibly epic! Also, there was a relic display on September 17, and that was pretty much EPIC!!!!!! The couple who brought the relics and gave the talk (they told stories of saints, talked about official documentation, all that jazz) are from Manhattan, KS, and they were hilarious! Also, they had some super rare relics, like part of the tablecloth from the Last Supper. And now my chapel veil is a 3rd class relic of the veil that Mary used to wipe up Jesus’ Blood during the Passion. Um…yeah…I’ve kind of been freaking out about that J J J J
A scene which The Passion depicts, but
I never knew it was a true thing-until
the relic people brought the piece of the veil-cloth
with official documentation!
7.      Household sisters. I love my sisters, and getting to have good conversations and crazy times with them is wonderful! And I got to Skype one of my graduated household sisters, which was completely awesome! J
8.      Getting into a new book series! Yes, this is DANGEROUS when classes are in session! I try not to let this happen to me during the semester. But, I was talking with a classmate the other day, and asked her what books she likes. “The Lunar Chronicles,” she said, explaining how the first one is about a cyborg Cinderella! Of course, what’s the first image that comes to mind when I hear "cyborg"? 
Bannakaffalatta proud!
            Bannakaffalatta, that self-sacrificing, adorable little cyborg in Doctor Who. So of course I would have to read a book about a cyborg. And add fairy tales into the mix? Oh yeah! Friday late morning I picked up the first book (Cinder) from the library, and by the early evening I had finished it. There were a couple elements here and there I wasn't too fond of, but overall, I really liked the book! It was really weird, extremely entertaining, and a great take on Cinderella's story. It made me laugh, and made me-almost-cry. The next two books are being sent to my library right now. Like I said, dangerous…
9.      And…all the festivities this week! This is just a great week! Party with my household for St. Therese, awesome evening talks by different professors, a talent show, the Transitus (which commemorates the death of St. Francis), the St. Francis festival…oh yes, I am thrilled! Here’s to an incredibly awesome week!

That’s basically been my life in a nutshell. I hope you weren’t bored to death J Have an amazing day, and an amazing week!!!! Party it up with the saints, a

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