Thursday, December 4, 2014

What Happens When I Don't Feel Like Studying for Finals: Thrifting!!!!!

This morning, I took a final in my 8 a.m. class, which only requires 15-20 minutes of my time. Since Jacob wasn't scheduled to get off work for a few more hours, I had some free time. So, I decided to pick up some groceries and go thrifting. I didn't need anything in particular, but I just wanted to look and see what kind of gifts for other people or treasures I could pick up.

Perfect for all liturgical seasons! 
I didn't have much success at the Goodwill in Wintersville; they had some cool dresses, but they were too small. So, I headed down to The Mission, on Market Street. For those of you who haven't been there, The Mission is a big white house which is crammed to the gills with random stuff! There's a room of books, a couple rooms of clothes, a "Christmas room," but everything else is randomly squeezed throughout the building. It's a great place to find treasures, and for poor college students, the low prices are glorious indeed. I wandered around, and found a cute skirt, which led me into an internal conflict: Well, I don't need it, but it's much is it? One dollar? I think I should get it, who cares I already have fifty million skirts? Grabbing the skirt, I then sauntered over to the rack of shirts, since I (of course) needed a new top to go with said skirt. I wandered back downstairs. After finding and purchasing a couple more nifty items, I headed home and began to survey the fruits of my morning. As I looked at my new skirt, I suddenly realized the design's significance and was hit with glee. Purple, red, and green circles scattered across a white-ish background; automatically calling to mine the liturgical year. Furthermore, the circles reminded me of the circular rhythm to the liturgical year, only further cementing this image.

The fashion company most likely did not have anything liturgical in mind when they designed this skirt, but it's totally there. I have a Liturgical Year Skirt. And I am super excited!!!!!!!!! I started jumping up and down, singing, and of course had to put it--and my new top--on. Then, for the rest of the schoolday, I kept calling over household siblings (because many of them are also obsessed with liturgical things) to share my joy in this awesome garment. And now I am sharing that joy with you, O Readers. This thrift store find combines two of my favorite things: skirts and the liturgical year. And what could be better than that?

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