Monday, June 6, 2016

The Tranquility of Summer Days

When my husband and I were apartment-hunting last summer, I grew so annoyed at the way in which many complexes functioned. Why does this apartment complex have a swimming pool which is barely being used? Why not ditch the pool and reduce monthly rent??? However, as I leisurely swam back and forth in the water this morning, I began to rethink my position. There's something so calming, so peaceful about silently gliding through the water repeatedly. No music, very few people around, just the calm lapping of the water against my skin. 

When one isn't a student-or have children who are students-then summer takes on a different meaning. No longer is summertime a small spurt of months in which to cram countless projects and books, a time to forget studies and become utterly lazy in many respects. Instead, not much-objectively-has changed in our lives since summer began. My husband still goes to work, I continue to write, volunteer, and have random adventures, and our baby continues to grow in my belly. However, I think there is a special atmosphere that comes with the long days of summer. 

The Earth feels more lively, a particular festivity imbues gatherings and parties, and instead of sitting at home behind screens, many people flood to parks in their free time. And with all of this, I experience a deep tranquility. I know that some people pack their summer months with as many activities as humanely possible (I used to do this!), but aside from giving birth, I have not developed any "big" plans for the summer-I think that childbirth will be a big enough adventure to fill my summer days :) 

Coconut cremes, peanut butter chocolates,
and chocolate truffles were my main
focus last week as I mixed, rolled, and
dipped like nobody's business! 
I've been fairly occupied lately with smaller activities, and having the final days of pregnancy filled with activities has been good for me. Date nights and games with my husband, visiting with family and friends, watching Poldark and assorted episodes of Doctor Who (I forgot how much I appreciate Wildred), making a few hundred chocolates for a reception at a friend's art show (if you're in OKC, feel free to check it out!), reading loads of books, experiencing unexpected events (why do cars like to act up occasionally?) many little daily adventures have been filling my life, but there's been a peace to all of it. Even on the days when all of the driving here-and-there between activities has worn me out, I'm surrounded by this calmness. 

Friends, it can be so easy to turn the summer months into one big marathon of continual activities and chaos. However, I invite you to make some time in your life to soak up the peaceful joy of the summer months. Catch fireflies at nightfall. Walk around the lake and look for baby turtles. Make extra time for silent prayer and spiritual activities. And enjoy the beauty and specialness of the summer days. 

And enjoy some iced sweet tea, if that's your thing.
Tea is awesome all of the time, but especially
when it's made from Raspberry Leaves
and you're trying to chug it continually
 to prepare for childbirth ;) 

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