Monday, May 16, 2011

A Deep Reflection from my Recent Trip to Steubenville

"Tea, tea! I storge tea! Tea in the morning-tea for me! Tea, tea! I storge tea! Given to me by Mary!"

Who is the amazing songwriter, quo composed these words? In all humility, I am. I composed "The Tea Song" on Friday, May 13, 2011--and have sung it several times throughout the days since. =) I also choreographed "The Tea Dance" which is quite spectacular.

Now, to be clear, this tea-ness has a defined direction and a point, in case you, O Great Reader, are getting concerned about the sanity of this post. The title of this post is not merely a scheme to get you to read about tea. Okay, that's questionable. So read on, and decide for yourself!

It all started on Friday, May 13. In the morning, at breakfast, to be exact. Since my family was traveling to Steubenville, OH for my brother's graduation, we were staying in different hotels and such. We had been traveling since Wednesday, but here, Friday morning, we were about to embark on the last leg of our trip: from Dayton, OH to Steubenville, OH. I figured that I would need some type of caffeine to make it through the day (after the Friday evening Baccalaureate Mass, there would be an awesome party late into the night). I went down to the breakfast room at Days Inn, and saw it: tea. Beautiful packets of Lipton tea. So I took the 8 oz. styrofoam cup that was provided, and made myself a cup. It was delicious! Well, after breakfast, we piled into the family van to drive to Steubenville. Since it was going to be a lengthy drive, we pulled out our Rosaries. We were only a Hail Mary or two into the Rosary, when dad stopped at a Speedway gas station/convenience store, to get gas. Then, John Paul (my teenage brother) asked the crucial question:
"Hey Annie, what is the date today?"
Without blinking an eye, I replied "Friday the 13th--why?"
"Whoa, look at that sign!"
So I looked at the sign on the Speedway building: May 13-Free Tea Day. What!?!?!?!?! This matter had to be investigated. So, John Paul and I jumped out of the van and went tearing into the building. A friendly employee verified that, indeed, free tea was to be had. Self-serve, sweet or unsweetened tea--22 OUNCES! And hey, there was even a pump-container of raspberry flavoring, to add a shot of fruity flavor. In my complete ecstasy, I pumped several shots of raspberry into my iced sweet tea, and exuberantly dashed back to the van with John Paul. Sitting at my luxurious place in the backseat, I drank my tea delightedly. Within a few moments, my family was graced with my voice issuing forth "The Tea Song." Several verses, in fact, which I cannot immediately remember (they were that awesome). Well, my family then continued the Rosary, and I began to simmer down a tad. Then, after the Rosary, I began drinking my tea once more. And I began my discourse on the Theology of Tea.

On Friday morning, I made myself tea--8 oz. is all that I could have; that's how big the cup was. Later that morning, while my family and I were praying the Rosary, we saw the sign for free tea--22 ounces!

It's just like God's grace. You give God an 8 oz. cup to fill with grace. NO! Don't do it! Don't place limits on God! You know why? Because when you go through Mary to Jesus, Mary and Jesus have so many more graces to give you. They will give you 22 ounces worth of graces freely! I had my 8 oz. cup; later, I was freely given a 22 oz. cup filled with tea (and raspberry fuity shots). But it doesn't stop there....So my family and I were driving later that day (duh, we had to get to Steubie!) when we stopped for gas again--at a Speedway. And what do ya know? Free Tea Day! So I got another 22 oz. cup of sweet tea!

Again, don't put limits on God. I had that 8 oz. cup of tea, and thought that was all the tea I could get for the day. But no, God (and Mary) sent me another 22 oz. cup of tea! And then I was in the height of ecstasy, thinking that my day was complete. But no! Another 22 oz. cup of tea! That's 52 ounces of tea! I had put a limit on God; I thought 8 ounces of tea was all that I would get for the day. But no, He sent me 52 ounces! So point well taken, God! You have so much grace ready for me, I'll let you send it. Just like the Miraculous Medal, which shows the graces that Mary wants to give-but people aren't open to those graces. Okay, Mama. I'm open. Send those graces!

But here we go again! Today, Monday, we were traveling the last leg of our journey home from Ohio. My dad had coupons for free fountain drinks at this convenience store (Pilot, I think it was called.).
So I got one.
Brisk Raspberry Tea.
44 ounces.
Okay God, I get the message.

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  1. Bhahaha!!! This is so wonderful! I love tea, and I love how you are sharing such a beautiful analogy of grace with us. :D I think I'm gonna go make me some tea now, lol.