Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Let Him Lead


I wish to start off by offering a huge apology to all of you readers. I have not posted in quite some time, and I hope you all forgive me and will understand. Life has been crazy. Blessed and joyful, but crazy. And right now, I should be sleeping. But I'm taking the time to do this. Because I feel that God wants me to write--NOW.

This past weekend was amazing. Friday night, I had the chance to go to Club Rodeo with some of my dear friends, and two-step and swing dance the night away! Here, God decided to yell at me...literally. I was swing dancing with one of my good friends, but I was not letting her lead me. "Let me lead!" She kept shouting over the music. "Let me lead! Am I leading? Let me lead!" And I would try to let her lead...sort of. But never completely. For whatever reason, I could not bring myself to let her lead entirely. I would not stop being the headstrong, prideful person who I am.
It hit me. Her voice was just like God yelling out to me "Let me lead! Let ME lead!" It was an incredible reminder that I need to stop trying to boss God around. I need to be open to God, to let Him lead me where He wishes me to go. That night, I examined myself, and made a new resolve to let God do the leading in the great dance of life.

Moving on....

Saturday evening, I was blessed to go to Prom with one of my very closest friends. I had an amazing time that night. It was definitely one of the best nights that I have ever had, without a doubt. I loved dancing that night away. Even if the music being played was not "danceable," it didn't matter. My date and I danced--legit dancing, like two-step, foxtrot, swing, etc--anyway. Dancing with him, I felt relaxed, joyful, comfortable, peaceful. I let him lead. And you know what? Because I let him lead, we had an amazing time dancing, and were able to glide across the dance floor, going across it beautifully. Just like whenever I let God lead, He can take me peacefully and beautifully through life. When I let God lead, He can move me across the dance floor at His own timing.

Let God lead, and your steps will never wander from His presence.


  1. I'm so glad you had an excellent time =)
    Haha, this is kinda like what we were talking about Thursday night right before I left. =P

    Hmm, you're an awesome person! God bless and DFTBA!

  2. I feel like this could tie into my talk for our retreat!

    Love you Annie! =)