Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Journeying Towards God in a Chaotic World

Life gets crazy and confusing, yet we are expected to journey towards God in all of the chaos, and we find deep peace. But sometimes, it can be ridiculously tough to get on the path towards deeper union with God. Looking to our awesome example of "modern sanctity," Teresita Quevedo shows us the way in which we can try to reach a deeper level of unity with God.

As Teresita's cousin, Angelines, recounts in the book, Mary Was Her Life, "One day I asked her about her devotion to Christ. She said: 'I love Our Lord with all my heart. But He wants me to love Our Lady in a special way and to go to Him with my hand in Mary's. My affection for her is like that of a tiny child for its mother. You know, Nines, how a baby clings to his mother's skirt when he is learning to walk? Well, that is the way Our Lord wants me to cling to Our Lady's blue mantle."

If you want to grow closer to God amid the chaos of life in the world, ask Mary to take your hand. She won't leave you; she'll walk by your side, guiding you closer to her son. In all that she did, Teresita Quevedo let Mary accompany her. Her peers have noted how, when Teresita was struggling in a school subject, she would place a picture of Mary on her desk as a reminder that she was not alone. Consciously bring Mary with you everywhere you go-to parties, to class, to your work, to your leisure. When you walk with Mary, you will draw closer to Jesus, I guarantee it. Also, get excited for Our Lady of Guadalupe's feast on Friday!!!!! :)

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