Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I've got my potential husband all lined up...Or do I?

Forgive me, for I may have already touched on this subject before. But I love it so much, that I feel the desire to write more on it! (I have a tendency to do that at times. But it's my blog, so I write what I want! Ha ha! Just kidding....Jesus and I love you! Okay. Just read the rest of the post. I'm tired, and....just read.)

I love to watch movies, read books, and talk to people about these forms of entertainment! And, being the woman that I am, when I watch a movie or read a fictional book, I may-at times-let my heart get swept up in it. In fact, I have quite an extensive list of fictional characters that I would totally marry! Top of the list at the moment is Captain America. Gosh....he is noble, courageous, and HUMBLE! So epic!

Also on my list is Thor (he's got a legit hammer, let's be honest), Quasimodo (I'm sooooo in love with Quasimodo! His true love and self-sacrifice-ah!), Westley, the Beast (from "Beauty and the Beast"), Barron (he's a cat from the awesome anime "The Cat Returns." I highly recommend watching it.), Aragorn, Faramir, High King Peter, Zorro, Batman, Mr. Darcy, Mr. Knightly, the prince from "Sleeping Beauty," Po (from "Kung Fu Panda")'s late, my brain isn't working...I'm sure that there are many other male fictional characters who I am completely in love with! Seriously, if they were real, I would marry them in a heartbeat! If Captain America wasn't available, I'd move onto Thor. Or Zorro. Or Mr. Darcy. You get the idea.....

Be honest, you've done it too. Us lovely humans have trust issues. Lots of them. How many times have you-or someone you known-made a plan/sort of discerned God's will for them....but had-not only a Plan B--but Plans C,D,E, and F in case of failure? Honestly, is this trust? And I am in no way pulling myself apart from this group. Jokingly, I've made my list of fictional future husbands, but there are plenty of other times when, in all seriousness, I have made multiple plans, relying on my own judgment-so that MY will would be done.

And over the past couple days, I've been thinking on this topic of trust a little bit more, especially as I've been talking to different women from various households, and prayed about my vocation more. And then I had Philosophy of the Human Person tonight. EPIC 2 hours and 40 minutes of awesomeness! Afterwards, I hung out with a couple guys from my class at the Caf, and then had a chance to meet some more new people and talk! And it was awesome. Finally, I grabbed my philosophy book and headed to the chapel down the hall from my room. After all, what better place to do philosophy homework than with Truth Himself? And as I was reading through this fabulously awesome book, I came across this line:

"God assigns to every season its proper office; and He does not permit the condition He has set to be altered. Every violent effort to upset His established order will fail in the end." (Boethius, The Consolation of Philosophy, 17)

God has everything under control. Simple enough statement, right? Yet, how many of us truly realize it? How many of us trust that God has a set, beautiful, good established order for this world, for our lives? The Divine Mercy image has a prayer that Catholics often repeat throughout their days: "Jesus, I trust in You." This trust is a beautiful thing---so long as we truly have legitimate trust, and are not just saying the words. And we all fall short, we all become guilty of going through the motions. I can specifically point out a time in my life when I just said "Jesus, I trust in You"--but did not truly mean it. I had not truly entrusted my whole life to God-past, present, and future! So I have been learning, slowly but surely. Every day, He has new ways to teach me about trust. But it is still difficult. And there are moments when we think we know God's will; but later, He spins us around and when we stop, we realize that we are in a far different place than we thought we'd end up. We can make plans for our lives until the cows come home. But honestly, we will not be as fulfilled as we would be doing God's will. So let God take control; give everything to Him. Give Him that list of potential"future fictional husbands" and let Him rock your world! He's there, waiting for your ready, willing, joyful heart!

Jesus, I trust in You!


  1. I'd be careful with Batman. He's not always all there, you know...

  2. It must be a girl thing cus the last time I thought I wanted to marry a fictional character was when I was like six.
    Anyway, you're right. It is easy to want to just plan out your entire future. When you don't know what's coming, it can be scary, right?
    At that point, I think it's important to take into account our vocations. Our vocation has been determined by God, yes? The first step in discovering that vocation is to put our complete trust in him, like you said. By doing that He will slowly reveal His will for our lives. I guess that becomes a bit more comforting because while we may not know how we're gonna get there or how exactly it's all gonna work out, we know at least a little bit of where we're going. For example, I know two things for sure and feel strongly about another.
    I know for sure:
    I will marry and raise a family
    My family will be a large one
    I feel strongly that:
    I will eventually open a small shop for the sake of serving a small community... to make each person a little happier each day.

    With these things in mind, I'm open to where God leads me, cus I know that where I'm going (and the path leading there) is gonna be a good and joyful.