Sunday, September 4, 2011

I Have a Nothing Box!!!

Tonight, as I was sitting on the Piazza with some friends, the "nothing box" came up. For those of you who have never heard of this phenomena, let me explain. I once heard some guy-priest, psychologist, parent--someone! Explain how men's brains can typically work. Men have little boxes inside their brains, to organize their thoughts and priorities. In addition to the various boxes, each man has a nothing box. Why? So that he can retreat into this "nothing box" and simply...exist. Think about....nothing!

Well, I was explaining to someone how--as women, whose minds are always reeling everywhere--it is important to just BE sometimes. To go into God's presence, and just sit there, and BE.

To which she replied: "So God is our nothing box!"

I found this statement of hers quite awesome, and very thought-provoking. The nothing box: the place where we retreat to, to exist-to be still. To become vulnerable, to just anticipate whatever may come. In this way, we become refreshed and recharged from our many duties throughout the day.

And GOD is our nothing box! We go to God, and we just exist. We sit in His Love. We gaze at His beauty. But we do not need to worry about thinking through craziness of life; no, we simply need to be STILL! St. Teresa of Avila once said that "“The important thing in mental prayer, is not to think much but to love much.” Go, sit in God's presence. Do not worry about saying a lot of prayers; written prayers are wonderful, and I encourage all of you to pray them--but set aside extra time to just be. Just be in the presence of LOVE! He will refresh you, and recharge you as you journey onto the battlefield of life.
Each day, set aside some time--even if it is simply 5 minutes--and use the nothing box. Retreat into the Heart of God, and let Him love you! No words necessary; just love.
May the grace and peace of Christ flood your soul!

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  1. B-E-A-utiful. Really needed this in life right now. Thanks for allowing God to work through you!