Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Present is Where it's At!!!

My day started out with oversleeping my alarm clock.

I had gotten to bed at 11:40 p.m. the night before, (which is early for a college student) because Saturday mornings, I travel to Pittsburgh to pray at abortion clinics. And it starts out with 6 a.m. Mass on campus. Well....I overslept my alarm, but my guardian angel woke me up at 6:55 a.m. Knowing the nearly hour-long daily Masses at FUS, I knew that the S4L were leaving. My first thought was "babies!" So I climbed out of bed, threw on clothes (didn't even bother with a jacket or legwarmers) and RAN to Christ the King Chapel. Well, there were 10ish other Students for Life there, and they weren't sure if they would even be able to hitch a ride to Pittsburgh (they continually run out of seats because so many students come!!). So I went to the Portiuncula, and prayed for a couple hours. I heard tonight that there were 3 probable saves that happened!! Yahoo!!

The next thing that happened was very strange....So I basically heard God tell me--in my heart--that I needed to get my homework, and eat breakfast at the Caf, and work on homework. Well, I discovered that I had a good bit of homework, so I was like "okay, God. Whatever You say. Even though I usually don't eat breakfast. But whatever. I'm going to the Caf."

Well, I go to the Caf, and saw a bunch of awesome people--including a friend who I haven't really talked to in about three weeks!! So I got to talk to him for a while, which was fantastic! Then, I worked on homework (Yay, Latin!!!) in the JC Williams (student center). And I heard God basically nudge me, saying "Check your e-mail." So I was like "Okay, God, whatever. I'll do it." So I checked my e-mail. To find an urgent e-mail, about a mandatory meeting that was scheduled for SATURDAY AFTERNOON FROM 1-3!!! So I was/still am grateful that God nudged me to check my e-mail. Well, I went to Low Mass (we have it three times a month), and made it to my meeting afterwards (I'm a part-time actor in a senior thesis film). Then, I chilled out with some girls in Tommy for a little bit, and ran back to Christ the King Chapel...BECAUSE, at Low Mass, Fr. Gregory invited everyone to a Baptism in the EXTRAORDINARY FORM at 2:30!! I don't know the family (their last name was Weigel, so maybe they're related to the author?), but I still went. OH. MY. GOODNESS!!!! I love Baptisms in the Extraordinary Form. SOOOOO epic!!!! Go to one sometime, you will not regret it!

Well, then I went back to Tommy for a little bit, told some girlie friends about the epicness of the Baptism, and went to Lord's Day. Yes, I did it. I went to Lord's Day with the "Loud, Red Crowd" aka "Sacrifice of Love." AH!!! It was like the essence of myself, personified in 25 women!!! I LOVED it!!! Sooooo awesome!!!! After dinner (which I had with "Mary, Spouse of the Holy Spirit"--I love those girls!!), myself, Cyrene, and Elizabeth all threw grass at each other and started singing the "Sound of Music" songs at the top of our lungs, on a sidewalk on campus. And then we made our way towards the Italian festival in the Piazza, still singing. We made it through the S of M, and I sang a Fiddler on the Roof song (they had never seen it!); and we sang Phantom of the Opera! And then we went to the Italian festival and ate Tiramisu and Canoli (spelling??), which were awesome! And there was a live Italian band, and my friend Matt started swing dancing with me, and he definitely dropped me during a dip. And he went down, too. Hahaha!! See, the piazza is not level, the ground slopes up and down...So we got a bit off balance. But it's all good!!

Then, I left for a girlie movie night in Tommy. A couple girlfriends and I watched "The Princess Bride," (and with the six of us, we downed a 2 pound bag of carrots); and continued with "Ever After." Not too long into the movie, I got a call from one of my other friends. She and I needed to discuss some shenanigans with another mutual friend of ours. So she came up, and I called our friend. And he didn't answer, so I left a ridiculously obnoxious message :) And then Kristen tried to call him, and he didn't answer. So Kristen gets this awesome idea that we're going to run over to his dorm to find him! (Note: It is probably a little after 11 p.m. Kristen looks fabulous, as always. Me....I was watching movies, so I'm wearing my Panda pants, with a pajama top, Feast Day Hat, and I have a blue blanket wrapped around me. And I'm hugging a pillow to my chest.) And we go running to Trinity. A random guy lets us in, 'cause the Trinity guys are awesome like that, and we sit, waiting for Daniel to come to the dorm or call us. So we're sitting on a couch, so that our backs are to the window. All of a sudden, I hear a noise behind me, and see my classmate, Ryan, in the window! I freaked out completely, and fell on the floor. I almost died laughing! Oh gosh.....good times in Trinity!

Well, soon after that, Kristen and I decided that we would go out to the JC and 1. See Daniel if he was there, and 2. See if we could have some stuff for our future kitchen adventures (plasticware, that kinda thing). But, on our way, we ran into 3 guys we know, as well as a girl we got to meet! And we were all just hanging out, having fun, and trading crazy/random stories. Until they all decide to go to bed, and Kristen and I see that we have 12 minutes to go to the JC, 'cause it closes at 1 a.m.! So we go RUNNING to the JC, get our stuff, take it back to Trinity, and head to Tommy. After hanging out with my roomie for a bit, Kristen left, and I settled down to do homework.

So, this is a completely random sequence of events, and I don't even's late, and I need to sleep. But I won't be able to sleep until I dump everything out. So that's what I just did! Thanks for bearing with me!! Morals of the day:
1. Live in the Present Moment. Honestly, God worked EVERYTHING out today (except hanging out with Daniel, who disappeared like a ninja....)
2. Twins are awesome. Seriously. Daniel and I have known each other for 1-1/2 weeks or so, and we've already discovered that we are twins. Like, we are sooo much alike, its ridiculous. But awesome!!
3. Crazy fantastic friends are fabulous! Especially when they have random movie nights, or when they propose going on wild-goose chases around campus in the middle of the night.
4. Running around campus in pajamas and a blanket and pillow is the way to be. Sooo comfy, and all the guys who gave me hugs commented on my awesome pillow and blanket :)
5. Trust in God. When I couldn't make it to the abortion clinic, I had to try and trust God, that everything would work out, and that He would take my day for His best wishes. In the end, it WAS NOT God's will that I go to Pittsburgh today. If I would've gone to Pittsburgh:
a. I wouldn't of gone to the Low Mass. So I wouldn't of heard about the Baptism, so I wouldn't of gone!
b. I wouldn't of gotten my last minute, urgent e-mail about the mandatory meeting!
c. I woudn't of gotten to hang out with my friend who I haven't talked to in 3ish weeks
d. I probably wouldn't of gotten as much homework done

Those are just a few indicators that God truly works in the Present Moment. Even when we oversleep our alarm clocks, He works it all out for the best! And even when good friends don't answer their phones--which results in a 3 hour quest/adventure in the middle of the night--it all works out for the best!

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