Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Swing Dancing: New Moves all the Time!

Happy Feast of St. Matthew!!!!
Life is very rockin' awesome over here--abundantly blessed to the max!! I just finished reviewing Latin homework (I have class soon--LOVE Latin class!!), and am currently in my Catholic Gansta mode (dancing in my chair all gansta-like, listening to my Catholic rap/hip hop), and decided to write a few scattered and random thoughts....

Every Sunday, many students gather for good ol' swing dancing! Despite the fact that it is extremely difficult to get a partner (the woman:man ratio is 3:1), Sunday nights are so much fun!!! Well, this past Sunday, I was dancing with an awesome brother in Christ, and as we were dancing and figuring out moves--different dips and spins and that kind of thing (and as I was trying--unsuccessfully--not to be klutzy) he said something very interesting/thought provoking:
"There aren't missteps, there are new moves."

In life we do make missteps. Sin obviously plays a large role in all of our lives; constantly, we are struggling to reject Satan and grow closer to God. In this great dance of life, we try to follow God's leads, to move with Him. But we stumble. We fall. We sin. We reject His leads. But what does God do? Does He just keep on dancing, leaving us there on the dance floor, abandoning us?

Honestly, we make mistakes. We act stupid, and act like we know better than God. We don't follow His will. And God gives each of us a free will, so He lets us make stupid mistakes sometimes. He either permits things, or He ordains that they happen! So God permits that we do something against His will, or that something happens to us that was not in His original plan. Does He just say "Oh, too bad-have fun with life while I just leave you there!" Nope! What does God do? He creates new moves! He brings GOOD out of the evil situations that happen; He utilizes all events in His crazy awesome plans!

God creates new moves; we must realize when we have acted against God's will, and we must THROW ourselves back into His arms! We need to trust God with everything, so that we may follow the new moves that He pulls us into during the Great Dance of Life! Heck, today's saint, Matthew, is a PERFECT example! The guy was a TAX COLLECTOR! He cheated people, did not follow God, etc. And God threw a new move out at him. Matthew trusted, and He let God pull him into a new move, a new way of life.

Today, you will slip up and events will happen that may not be the most desireable. Whatever happens, remember: God is not abandoning you on the dance floor; He is preparing to pull you into new moves, to continually bring you closer to Him!

My friends, as God directs you and pulls you into new moves in this great dance, always trust Him and move with the Spirit!!

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  1. My dear Annie,
    1) this is brilliant!! I really want to share your blog with some of the girls in my Bible studies. Thank you for your insipring words and wonderful thoughts.

    2) You stalk my blog. Just sayin'. I'm glad :)

    3) I love hearing about Steubenville!! They are here at a grad school fair right now, actually. I'll go talk to them and ask if they know about the freshman with the feast day hat ;) hehe

    4) I love you.

    And I think that's a long enough comment. Have a blessed day, dear sister!