Monday, March 31, 2014

Mercy Monday: A Lowly Drudge with Piles of Papers

Greetings! Happy Mercy Monday!
So, I don't think I've put up this Divine Mercy Diary quotation yet, but I've been meaning to...(if I have and I've forgotten, please forgive me!)

“I am in Him, and He in me. As the Bishop (Rospond) was putting the ring on my finger, God pervaded my whole being, and since I cannot express that moment, I will be silent about it. 
St. Faustina, pray for us! 

My relationship with God, since perpetual vows, has been more intimate than it had ever been before. I sense that I love God and that He loves me. Having once tasted God, my soul could not live without Him. 

One hour spent at the foot of the altar in the greatest dryness of spirit is dearer to me than a hundred years of worldly pleasures. I prefer to be a lowly drudge in the convent than a queen in the world.” 
(Section 254, Notebook 1)

Honestly, St. Faustina is so cool! She truly grasps the depth and beauty of living out her vocation, united to Christ. Being a "lowly drudge in the convent" wasn't easy for St. Faustina; there were challenges and sorrows right along with the joys and blessings. But being that "lowly drudge" was far more satisfying to her than being a worldly figure. In the convent, St. Faustina lived out God's will daily, even if it wasn't all that glamorous. Because doing God's will is what fulfills us and ultimately brings the most joy to God and to us! 

Over last week and this week, I'm really trying to apply this message within my own life. It's super applicable right now. Last week, I was hurriedly working on schoolwork and going crazy, so that I could go on retreat with my household this past weekend. Retreat was awesomely fabulous! But, driving down University Boulevard on Sunday afternoon, the reality hit me hard: "Ooh, I have four papers due this week, and two of them aren't started at all!" 

Yes, even if you feel like you're always mopping floors,
you can unite yourself to God all the more!
So, this week is not super glamorous for me; just  spending quality time with my keyboard. I get to be a lowly drudge with piles of papers : ) Oh, the life of college students!  As St. Faustina showed us, being united to God in His will is the best possible option. For me, it's God's will that I write my papers to the best of my ability (even I'm pretty sure one of them is the worst paper I've ever written...) and grow in holiness through that! Plus, Jacob is being absolutely amazing at taking care of housework stuff, in order to give me time to write and research. 

Even if our daily duties aren't glamorous, if we are doing what God desires of us, He will bring us closer to Him!